The Science behind Escape Rooms

Have you ever gotten to experience the excitement of trying an escape room? I still remember my first time completing a real-life, in person escape. I remember the nervousness of trying to enter codes that would hopefully open locks as timed ticked away and the feeling of success when we broke out with just seconds to go. The escape room forced my team to use our critical thinking skills and gave us an opportunity to bond after working so closely- each person contributing in their own unique way. You can bring that same excitement and thrill to your students with a classroom escape! Classroom escapes are not new, and if you haven’t gotten on the bandwagon, here’s why you need to try one out!

1.  Standards Aligned

Content is key! All EzPz Science Escape Rooms are aligned to state standards for grades 6-8. They are editable so that you can modify or change questions to meet the needs of your students. 

2. Higher Level Thinking

Students will need to apply what they have learned to answer questions. The higher level questions challenge students during the Escape Room.

3. Builds Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Communication Skills

Escape Rooms are the perfect activity to develop the 21st century skills that work places are looking for. When students work in groups, they need to use collaboration skills and need to know how to communicate to move though the Escape Room. There are puzzle locks at each station that make students use those critical thinking skills.

4. High Retention

Students retain information best when they are involved in an activity they enjoy. The competition and time crunch will help leave an academic impression on your students.

5. Fun and Engaging

No more boring worksheets! EzPz Escape Rooms will have all students working together and actively engaged in learning science. There is a place for every student to shine, whether it is helping to answer the questions, solving the puzzle locks or operating technology.

EzPz Escape Rooms use digital locks for students to pass from one room to another. There are several options to complete the Escape Room, including 100% digitally, without technology, or a combination of printed station cards using digital locks. Set up is a breeze and the 100% digital version is no prep- just share a link with your students. Check out the complete list of EzPz Science Escape Rooms.

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