State Testing Tips and Testing Motivation

I’m sure that your students have heard test taking tips and strategies every year, from every teacher since the moment they were old enough for state testing. They are told it (shoved down their throats) so often, it starts sounding like requirements and one more thing they must remember and do, instead of helpful ways to prepare and be successful on the test.  I’ve created a free Test Taking Tips color sheet for your students to take the edge off of testing. It allows your visual learners to read the tips and your students the opportunity to color, which can be calming during this stressful time. If you are limited on time (cause you know… state testing and all) just send the students home with it. They’ll read it- I promise. Some students have too much time? Its perfect for early finishers.  I’ve listed a few of the tips below. Which tips do you think are most important to hit home with your students?

1. Eat Breakfast

2. Take Small Breaks

3. Pace Yourself

4. Answer Carefully

5. Check Your Work

Enjoy this Test Taking Tips for Students freebie. You may also enjoy these State Testing Motivation Posters and Signs.

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