3 Ways to Teach Plants

One of the reasons why I enjoy teaching our plant unit is because it is relatable in our everyday lives. Students usually have prior knowledge of plants and all they have to do is look outside a window to observe and to learn about this science topic. But if you are like me and you are in a windowless science lab, you can bring the plants to your students. I love to bring in a bouquet of flowers during this unit to use as a teaching tool AND it makes the room look a bit cheerier and smell a bit more beautiful. (and a little less like Axe body spray). If it’s a gorgeous day out- here’s your perfect excuse to get outdoors! Take your students out and have them observe the various types of plants in the school yard. Plants are a very tangible science topic, so use what you have around you to teach the unit- whether it is leaves that you pluck off a neighbor’s front lawn (what? they have different bushes than we do…), a couple of potted plants from your back patio, or artificial plants and flowers (you can get snag these at the dollar store!) Below are my favorite activities to use during our Plant Unit.

1. Plant Parts and Functions

Have students create a classified ad to show the relationship between plant parts and functions. You’ll have to start the lesson with “Back in my time…” or “In the old days….” because most likely, your students will not know what it is, but they always have a blast doing it! You can get the Plant Classifieds Ad Activity here.

2. Classification of Plants

Have students show their understanding of classifying plants by creating pins that would be in a Plants Pinterest Profile or try a Monocot & Dicot Seek and Sort– a twist to card sorts.

3. Photosynthesis

Use a Photosynthesis or Plants Seek and Find to have students search for examples of key terms for your plant unit. This works well as a hook, unit title page in their ISN, or as a review. Check out my post about the Science Behind Seek & Finds.

Plants can be an easy topic to teach, but you can make it more engaging by giving students the opportunity to discover the plant life in their environment. Let your students’ writing skills shine when they create their Plants Classifieds Ad, allow them to use their art skills when they create Plant Pinterest Boards and keep things fun with Seek and Find Science for Plants and Photosynthesis.

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