5 Spring Activities that Will Keep Your Students Engaged

Spring time is great for so many reasons. There is something about the combination of the cool air and the warmth of the sun that is so invigorating to me. One of my favorite things to do is to sit on a restaurant patio, bask in the sunlight and enjoy a relaxed, slow-paced lunch (preferably tacos or crawfish).  Everything outdoors starts blooming, the sun shines a little brighter, and oh yeah… most importantly- Spring Break. Are your students going bonkers, and you don’t think you will make it until Spring Break? I’ve got 5 ways to celebrate Spring in your classroom that will keep your students engaged (all the way until you chauffer your students to the bus ramp, bag on shoulder and car keys in hand).

1. St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Dichotomous Key

If your unlucky and St. Patrick’s Day does not fall during your Spring Break (seriously- middle schoolers make the holiday so annoying), then your students can have fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a dichotomous key activity. Students will enjoy naming these St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes. There are 13 St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes to discover with clever pun names like “Irish You Were Here” “Get Clover It” and “Shamrock and Roll”.  (Psst… they don’t even know they are doing science) You can get the St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Dichotomous Key here. Your students may also enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day I Spy and this free St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Sheet. (Keep your students’ hands coloring instead of pinching…)

2. Spring time Escape Room

Want to tame all that extra student energy? Have your students work together against the clock to make an escape from this Springtime Escape Room. It spirals science topics and is the perfect activity to do before Spring Break. (cause let’s be honest… no one wants to work the last day before Spring Break- but they do want to play!) Get the Springtime Escape Room here.

3. Easter Cupcake Dichotomous Key

Y’all, if you have done any of my holiday cupcake dichotomous keys, you know I’m all about that pun. Puns are how eye roll (…. Get it!) Students will love discovering these Easter Cupcakes names like “For Peeps Sake” , “No Eggs-cuses” and “Chick Magnet” with this Easter Dichotomous Key. You can get the Easter Cupcake Dichotomous Key here and can see the complete list of Holiday Cupcake Dichotomous Keys here. Here’s a free Easter Color Sheet too.

4. Spring fun puzzler bundle

Fun Puzzlers are a great thing to have handy just in case (cause you know there is a lot that can happen). These Spring themed puzzlers offer something for everyone and are great for early finishers. Get the Spring Fun Puzzler Bundle here.

5. Enjoy the Outdoors

Take the kids outside! You know you want to. When it’s a gorgeous day, you simply cannot waste it inside your classroom. One of my favorite things to do outside with my students is to draw models or examples of what we are learning with sidewalk chalk. Tell your students what you want them to draw, or you can choose from over 15 topics of premade drawing task cards. You can see the complete list of Chalk Talk Task Cards here.

You can do this! You got this! Find engaging activities for your students so that they continue to learn, even when your students (and sometimes you) want to give up and just be done. Take care of yourself on your well-deserved break. Wake up late. Sit out on a patio and enjoy your favorite food (and beverage)! Enjoy the sunshine, and just do whatever you feel like doing (even if its nothing)- guilt free.

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