The Science Behind Seek & Sorts

You may have heard about Seek and Find Science, but have you tried Science Seek and SORTS?? Students will love learning about science with Seek & Sort Science Doodles- a fun twist to card sorts. Students simply seek and sort by outlining the pictures in corresponding colors. It’s awesome for student engagement and retention. The Seek and Sort page is all you need for the lesson, but it also includes 20 small card sorts- perfect for student notebooks, and 20 large cards for the classic card sort- perfect for class sets. Here’s why they work!

1.  Standards Aligned

This activity is not just fun fluff!  All Science Seek and Sorts are aligned with Middle School state standards.

2. Fun and Engaging

Students love to color- no matter what age! They will be having so much fun, they won’t even know they are learning!

3. Higher Level Thinking

Students will have to use their knowledge of science to determine what category each picture belongs to.

4. Increased Retention

Color is key! Students will retain the information learned from this visual experience.

There are 15 Seek and Sorts to choose from. Click to explore the Complete list of Seek and Sorts to see if there is one that you can use in your class! 

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