The Science Behind Seek & Sorts

You may have heard about Seek and Find Science, but have you tried Science Seek and SORTS?? Students will love learning about science with Seek & Sort Science Doodles- a fun twist to card sorts. Students simply seek and sort by outlining the pictures in corresponding colors. It’s awesome for student engagement and retention. The Seek and Sort page is all you need for the lesson, but it also includes 20 small card sorts- perfect for student notebooks, and 20 large cards for the classic card sort- perfect for class sets. Here’s why they work!

1.  Standards Aligned

This activity is not just fun fluff!  All Science Seek and Sorts are aligned with Middle School state standards.

2. Fun and Engaging

Students love to color- no matter what age! They will be having so much fun, they won’t even know they are learning!

3. Higher Level Thinking

Students will have to use their knowledge of science to determine what category each picture belongs to.

4. Increased Retention

Color is key! Students will retain the information learned from this visual experience.

There are 15 Seek and Sorts to choose from. Click to explore the Complete list of Seek and Sorts to see if there is one that you can use in your class! 

5 Ways to Use Seek & Finds

Are you hooked on Science Seek & Finds yet? One of the reasons why Science Seek and Finds are so successful is because they can be used in a variety of ways! Just find the way that works best for your class. 

1. Unit Title Page for Interactive Notebooks

Seek and Find Science makes a great addition to interactive notebooks. I use them as title pages when we start a new unit or topic. You wouldn’t believe how many times students will go back to this page when they have a spare second!

2. Project Image on Board for whole class fun

Students love the chance to write on the board. Project the science Seek and Find on your SMART board and allow students to come up to circle a seek and find item.

3. DIY Activity & Stations

Laminate the Seek and Find picture and allow students to circle answers with dry-erase markers at stations. 

4. Enrichment for Early Finishers

Seek and Find Science is great for early finishers. Keep your early finishers busy with this fun and academic, standards aligned activity. It is a great incentive to get work done! Just print and go or go digital! This no prep activity makes it perfect to have around for those “just in case…” days or to leave as an emergency sub plan.

5. End of Unit Review

Seek and Find Science is a unique way to assess student learning. Have students determine what information they know and what information they still need support on. This creates a great opportunity for think-pair-share.

 Check out my post about The Science Behind Seek & Finds to find out more about Seek & Find Science and try this FREE Scientific Method Seek and Find.  

The Science Behind Seek & Finds

Students will enjoy learning about Science with Seek & Find Science Doodles!  Your students will love searching for content key terms and will have a fun coloring sheet when they are done! It is great for student engagement and retention. Here’s why they work! 

1. Standards Aligned

The most important aspect of any lesson is whether or not it is aligned to your standards. All Science Seek and Finds are aligned with Middle School state standards for grades 6-8.

2. Fun and Engaging

If I know my middle schoolers, I know they love three things…. cute things/doodles, searching for them, and coloring them! However you choose to use the Science Seek & Finds, your students will surely be engaged.

3. Higher Level Thinking

In order to seek and find the listed items, student must use what they know about the science content and apply it towards their search.

4. Increased Retention

Color is key! These fun and unique Seek and Find Science characters are great for visual learners. The Seek and Find process provides a lasting experience for students.

There are over 50 Science topic to choose from! Check out the Complete list of Science Seek & Finds to see if there is one that fits your needs. Try this FREE Scientific Method Seek and Find.