The Science Behind Seek & Sorts

You may have heard about Seek and Find Science, but have you tried Science Seek and SORTS?? Students will love learning about science with Seek & Sort Science Doodles- a fun twist to card sorts. Students simply seek and sort by outlining the pictures in corresponding colors. It’s awesome for student engagement and retention. TheContinue reading “The Science Behind Seek & Sorts”

5 Ways to Use Seek & Finds

Are you hooked on Science Seek & Finds yet? One of the reasons why Science Seek and Finds are so successful is because they can be used in a variety of ways! Just find the way that works best for your class.  1. Unit Title Page for Interactive Notebooks Seek and Find Science makes aContinue reading “5 Ways to Use Seek & Finds”

The Science Behind Seek & Finds

Students will enjoy learning about Science with Seek & Find Science Doodles!  Your students will love searching for content key terms and will have a fun coloring sheet when they are done! It is great for student engagement and retention. Here’s why they work!  1. Standards Aligned The most important aspect of any lesson isContinue reading “The Science Behind Seek & Finds”